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Piknik nad Odrą 2017



Piknik nad Odrą 2017

Soon there will be another edition of the most visited tourism fair in Poland "Picnic on the Oder". We invite you to Szczecin, on the King Chrobry’s Embankments from 13 to 14 May 2017. Admission to the tour is free of charge. Would you like to participate as an exhibitor? Sign up here. 

"Picnic on the Oder" is an event organized in one of the most representative places of Szczecin. “Picnic on the Oder” is the biggest event in the West Pomeranian region, and its guiding principle is promoting tourism. “Picnic on the Oder” has become a tourist product in itself, frequented by the inhabitants of the city and region, as well as tourists from Poland and Germany. In the previous edition of the Picnic, more than 200 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors participated. The event is bustling with life through dozens of shows, presentations and meetings, inspiring to actively explore the country and abroad through recreation, sport, culture and culinary habits.

The purpose of the event is to provide tourists and residents of the region with entertainment in combination with exploring the tourist market and promoting regional, active and specialist tourism.

The product idea is based on the organization of:

- a festival for locals and tourists with a variety of attractive musical and cultural presentations,

- presentation of the region's tourist offers,

- presentation of the culture of the region – e.g., performances of folklore ensembles, shows of customs, etc.,

- tourism fairs - promotion of regions (West Pomeranian Voivodeship, country, abroad);

- the plane of cross-border Polish-German integration,

- a platform for exchanging experiences for regional, national and foreign tourism market stakeholders,

- possibility of trade and integration meetings of tourism industry.


26 TOURIST TARGETS MARKET TOUR is the most important event of the Picnic, the most visited tourist market in Poland. MARKET TOUR is presenting the offer of travel agencies, hotels, resorts, recreation, sanatoriums, as well as regions and tourist cities from Poland and abroad.

LIST OF TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS is an event that aims to promote regional and traditional products. Here you can see, taste and buy specialties from all over Poland, as well as get to know their recipes and traditions connected with them.

FAIR HEALTH FAIR AND ORGANIC PRODUCTS is an opportunity to meet food producers both in the West Pomeranian Province and in Poland and in several European countries. During the fair you can buy organic food and handicrafts made from natural products. Exhibitors are producer groups from the agri-food sector, farms and companies.

GREAT COOKING is the preparation of regional and international delicacies in the enormous 2500-liter gear. During the previous editions of Picnic nad Odrą, the Szczecin Paprikash, Fish Soup and Spicy Picnic Soup were cooked. Experienced chefs work very well with the challenge of cooking for 10,000 people.

PICNIC MUSIC STAGE - Music and dance are inseparable parts of the Picnic on the Oder. On the stage, located at the central point of the event, there are artists and folklore ensembles with a repertoire of tourist, feast and shanty songs.

The fair is enriched with numerous contests, tastings and demonstrations. Visitors are residents of Szczecin, the region, as well as tourists from other parts of the country and border areas of Germany. Picnic participants, often whole families, come to the event in search of inspiration for their planned trips, favorable travel offers, options for an active holiday in the region, the country or abroad, as well as the opportunities to spend free time in the city.

FOODTRUCK ALLEY - special mobile restaurants on wheels, serving excellent and varied cuisine, for the first time will come to the Picnic on the Oder. During “The Foodtruck Festival” we will be able to try delicious, varied and, above all, healthy food. In a specially created area we will be able to taste specialties from nearly 20 cars from all over the country.

BEER FESTIVAL - Delicious, varied food could not be without a good craft beer. The definition of craft beer is often treated as a synonym of good beer, so in a specially prepared area you will taste the golden liquor from regional, craft brewers, combining tradition with modernity. Craft beer is brewed according to the original recipes, based on natural processes, without acceleration or deprivation of most important properties.